The British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics

In response to the Bulletin editor's request for information of societies for research in mathematics education, included in the June 1995 (No. 38) issue of this Bulletin, Dr. Brian Hudson, the Membership Secretary of the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics has kindly supplied the following information concerning that society:

BSRLM is an organisation which acts as a major forum for research in mathematics education in the United Kingdom. It is both an environment for supporting new researchers and also a forum for those more established. It is open to and welcomes membership from anyone involved or innterested in mathematics education.

The society holds and annual weekend conference in addition to day conferences on two occasions during the year. Members receive copies of the proceedings of these conferences.

The officers of the BSRLM are:

Steve Lerman, Centre for Mathematics Education, South Bank University

Rosamund Sutherland, Institute of Education, University of London

Membership Secretary:
Brian Hudson, Centre for Mathematics Education, Sheffield Hallam University

Peter Gates, School of Education, Univerity of Nottingham

If you wish to join, please contact Brian Hudson, BSRLM Membership Secretary, at the address below for a registration form.

Mathematics Education Centre
Sheffield Hallam University
25 Broomgrove Road, Sheffield S10 2NA, ENGLAND
Fax: +44-114 253 2339
E-Mail: <>