8th International Conference on Mathematical Education (ICME-8)

Second Announcement

The Second Announcement of ICME-8, to be held in Sevilla, Spain, 14-21 July 1996, appeared in the autumn of 1995. In addition to being distributed by ordinary post to a great many recipients in all parts of the world, the Second Announcement is also available in electronic form. For further information on the Second Announcement, or on ICME-8 in general, please contact <icme8@obelix.cica.es> or consult the Mosaic pages on ICME-8. The URL is http://icme8.us.es/ICME8.html. You may also reach the Local Organisation by writing to

Apartado de Correos 4172
4180 Sevilla, SPAIN
Fax: +34 5 421 8334