IX Inter-American Conference on Mathematics Education


Fidel Oteiza and Patricio Montero

The IX IACME took place between July 31 and August 4, 1995, at the University of Santiago de Chile. The event was sponsored by the host university, the Chilean Society of Mathematics Education, Chile's Ministry of Education, the Andes Foundation, the Organization of American States (OAS), and the National Science Foundation (NSF) of the United States.

The conference attracted 1080 participants, including researchers, teachers, university students, and observers from seventeen countries (87 from Argentina, 58 from Paraguay, 43 from Uruguay, 27 from Brazil and Peru, 12 from Venezuela, 11 from the United States, 9 from Colombia, 7 from Spain, 5 from each of Bolivia and Mexico, 2 from each of Canada and Costa Rica, and one from each of France, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic). The event was honored with the presence of 25 distinguished international specialists in the field of mathematics education, the Inter- American Committee for Mathematics Education, and with prominent researchers from the participating Latin American countries.

The main activities offered during the conference included: 6 plenary lectures, 12 regular lectures, 4 specialist panels, and 124 short presentations. Also included were several discussion group meetings in specific topics, poster presentation, and exhibitions of educational materials, such as books, didactic games, software, etc. Complementary sessions and workshops were available for secondary and elementary school teachers. This established a valuable link between researchers and teachers from the National System of Education.

The Organizing Committee evaluated the event as highly positive thanks to the interest observed in the lectures, panels, short presenattions and other activities. The conference made possible the collection of valuable information about approaches and experiences for the improvement of mathematics education at all levels. It also consolidated important exchange ties with the participating international specialists who also evaluated the meeting very positively. For the Organizing Committee and the Chilean Society of Mathematics Education this was a magnificent opportunity to get to know and benefit from each and every person who participated in the conference. This is a good time to recognize and to thank all those who made it possible. All that is left is the challenge of systematizing the contributions and to distribute them along with the results of the accomplished work.

For the Organizing Committee and the Chilean Society of Mathematics Education,

Fidel Oteiza and Patricio Montero
Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Santiago, CHILE