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ICMI Study Conference on Gender and Mathematics Education: Proceedings In October 1993, the ICMI Study Conference on Gender and Mathematics Education took place in Hoeoer, Sweden. The proceedings of this conference have recently appeared. The coordinates of the proceedings are

Barbro Grevholm & Gila Hanna (eds.):
Gender and Mathematics Education,
an ICMI Study in Stiftsgården Åkersberg, Höör, Sweden 1993
Lund University Press

The book, which is in hard cover, may be obtained at a price of Swedish Kroner (SEK) 206 (approx. US$ 30), VAT included, plus postage and handling SEK 50, directly from the publisher. Contact

Studentlitteratur AB,
P.O. Box 141
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Fax: +46 46 30 53 38
E-Mail: <order@studli.se>

The ultimate outcome of an ICMI Study is a so called ICMI Study Volume which is a scholarly, tightly edited book on the theme of the ICMI Study. This ICMI Study, which is being published by Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, should not be confused with the proceedings mentioned above. The book is expected to appear, as Volume 3 of the New ICMI Study Series, in the very beginning of 1996. It is edited by Gila Hanna, and its title is Towards Gender Equity in Mathematics Education - An ICMI Study. Further information about this book and the way in which indivduals may obtain copies through ICMI at a considerably reduced rate will be included in the next issue of this Bulletin.

Proceedings of the ICMI-China Regional Conference, Shanghai, 1994 In Shanghai, an ICMI-China Regional Conference was held in August 1994. The proceedings of this conference have now appeared. It is published by Shanghai Educational Publishing House and may be obtained by writing to the publisher at the following address:

Shanghai Educational Publishing House
123 Yongfy Road
Shanghai 200 031, CHINA

Mogens Niss