The First ICMI East Asia Regional Conference on Mathematics Education (ICMI-EARCOME 1) will be held 17-21 August 1998 at the Korea National University of Education, Chungbuk, Republic of Korea. The conference has been granted the status of an ICMI Regional Conference.

The region of East Asia, including among other countries Korea, China, and Japan, has similar culture, tradition and social environment. The mathematicians who are interested in mathematics education are preparing ICMI-EARCOME 1 to search for desirable ways in mathematics education.

The scientific programme will include plenary lectures, regular lectures, and short presentations. Exhibitions of posters, textbooks, mathematical software and other educational materials are being planned as well.

Group A:
1. Examination (evaluation)
2. Curriculum
3. Teaching and Learning
Group B:
1. Primary School Mathematics
2. Secondary School Mathematics
3. University and Professional Education
Group C:
1. Teacher Training
2. Education for Gifted Students
3. Mathematics and Technology
Group D:
1. Comparative Study
2. History and Pedagogy of Mathematics
3. Socio-mathematical Norms

English and Korean will be the official conference languages and Korean presentations will be translated into English. All papers and other documents will be available in English.

The International Programme Committee has the following composition

Han Schick Park (Chair) Korea National University of Education (Korea)
Shigeru Iitaka (Vice-Chair) Gakushuin University (Japan)
Peng Yee Lee (Vice-Chair) National Institute of Education (Singapore)
Dianzhou Zhang (Vice-Chair) East China Normal University (China)
Hyunyong Shin (Secretary) Korea National University of Education (Korea)
Young Han Choe Institute of Science and Technology (Korea)
Ichiei Hirabayashi Hiroshima University (Japan)
Yan Shi Jian Beijing Normal University (China)
Hee Chan Lew Korea National University of Education (Korea)
Fou-Lai Lin National Taiwan Normal University (Taiwan)
S.J. Nebres Ateneo de Manila University (Philippines)
Abu Osman University Kebang Saan Malaysia (Malaysia)
Toshio Sawada National Institute for Educational Research (Japan)
R. K. Sembiring Institute Technology Bandung (Indonesia)
Nguyen Dinh Tri Hanoi National University of Technology (Vietnam)
Jane Watson University of Tasmania (Australia)

The conference venue is the Korean National University of Education (KNUE), founded in 1985. The university is located in the suburbs of Chongju, 120 km south of Seoul, a rural area with fresh air and clean water.

In conjunction with the conference participants will also have an opportunity to visit traditional old Korean cities such as Kyongju, Buyou and Seoul.

The second announcement, to be released in April 1997, will contain detailed information about the program, registration, and application forms for lectures and other presentations. Effective as from 1 January 1997, the home-page of ICMI-EARCOME 1 will be open at http://math1.knue.ac.kr./~icmi

For further information, please contact

Professor Hyunyong Shin
Department of Mathematics Education
Korea National University of Education
363-791 Korea
tel: +82 431 230 3721
fax: +82 431 233 3526
e-mail: shin@kneucc-sun.knue.ac.kr