ICMI Accounts 1996

1 January - 31 December

Swiss Francs Account:

balance 1995                                       118.685,25
IMU (Schedule A: Administration)                    11.000,00
IMU (Schedule B: Scientific Activities)             22.000,00
IMU Contribution to ICME-8                          12.000,00
interest                                                61,51

total                                              163.746,76

transfer charges                                        19,22
transfer to US$ Account                             10.000,00
ICMI balance 1996                                  153.727,54

total                                              163.746,76
Den Danske Bank exchange rate, ult. 1996: 1 CHF = 0,74 US$

Danish Kroner Account:

ICMI balance 1995                                    23.860,34
2. payment (US$ 1.000) of UNESCO                      5.825,60
   grant to ICMI Study on Geometry )

total                                                29.685,94

ICME-8, Secretary's expenses                         11.069,84
EC meeting in Sevilla, at ICME-8                      5.513,56
ICMI Study on Geometry, IPC/Editorial board           5.614,00
   meeting, Secretary's expenses
typing of Bulletin 40 & 41                             2047,50
credit card charge                                      150,00
transfer charges                                         30,00
ICMI Balance 1996                                     5.261.04

total                                                29.685,94
Den Danske Bank exchange rate, ult. 1996: 1 DKR = 0,16 US$

Sterling Account:

balance 1995                                        16.279,88
CUP royalties for studies                               31,96
interest                                               560,20

total                                               16.872,04

ICMI Study on Geometry, IPC/Editorial                  514,08
   board meeting, Trento
transfer charges                                         6,66
ICMI balance 1996                                   16.352,30

total                                               16.872,04
Den Danske Bank exchange rate, ult. 1996: 1 GBP = 1,61 US$

US Dollars Account:

ICMI balance ) 1995                                   541,17
Solidarity Fund balance ) 1995                     32.761,69
ICMI interest, 29% of total (corresponding             348,32
   to 1996 balance share)
Solidarity Fund interest, 71% of total                 853,15
   (corresponding to 1996 balance share)
transfer from Swiss Franc Account (10.000)           8.306,34
reimbursement of loan to ICME-8, given in 1994      10.000,00
Individual contribution to the Solidarity Fund          41,00

total                                               52.851,67

ICME-8, including EC meeting                         2.885,04
Contribution to the publication                      2.500,00
   'The History of the Inter-American Committe
    on Mathematics Education'
transfer charges                                        63,55
Solidarity Fund balance 1996                        33.655,84
ICMI balance 1996                                   13.747,24
(account balance                                    47.403,08)

total                                               52.851,67


  1. The UNESCO/ROSTE office generously contributed a grant of US$ 3.000 to the ICMI Study Conference on Perspectives of the Teaching of Geometry for the 21st Century, held in Catania, Sicily (Italy), 28 September - 2 October 1995. The second installment of the payment, which was initially divided into two parts - US$ 2.000 and 1.000, respectively - was made in 1996.
  2. As a consequence of the ICMI General Assembly and Executive Committee meetings held in Quebec, August 1992, it was decided to establish an ICMI Solidarity Fund based on private contributions. The Solidarity Fund is mounted to assist mathematics education and mathematics educators in less affluent countries. Its money can only be spent (by a committee chaired by Professor Jean-Pierre Kahane) to serve such purposes and is therefore not part of ICMI's general resources. However, the appearance of the Solidarity Fund on the ICMI accounts for 1996 is due to the wish to keep ICMI's number of different bank accounts low. The accounts exhibit the ICMI balances and the Solidarity Fund balances separately. In 1996 the Solidarity Fund balances were all concentrated in the US Dollar Account.
  3. In addition to the amounts displayed directly in the accounts, considerable extra sums should appear but do not and cannot. In 1995 Roskilde University (the Secretary's home institution) has contributed a substantial support to ICMI's work (e.g. telephone and -fax, e-mail facilities, postage, all the printing and distribution costs of the Bulletin, plus secretarial help of various sorts). It is estimated that the total contribution of Roskilde University is equivalent about US$ 5.000. The ICMI Executive Committee expresses its gratitude for this generous support.

The Executive Committee's thanks also go to the institutions of its other members. These institutions, too, have given invisible support to ICMI's work in a variety of ways. For instance, in many cases these institutions have paid travel and other expenses related to participation in EC meetings and soforth.

Mogens Niss
5 February 1997

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