The International Commission on Mathematical Instruction
Bulletin No. 47 
December 1999




Preliminary Announcement of an ICMI Regional Conference


The second ICMI-EARCOME (East Asia Regional Conference on Mathematics Education) is to be held in Singapore in June 2002.  This conference is organized by an International Program Committee and has been officially recognized by the Executive Committee of ICMI as an ICMI Regional Conference.  It will be hosted by the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and the Association of Mathematics Educators, Singapore.  This conference will also be designated as the Ninth Southeast Asian Conference on Mathematics Education or SEACME 9.

EARCOME 2002 combines two conferences in two separate series of conferences in the East Asia region.  The First East Asian Regional Conference on Mathematics Education (EARCOME) was held in Korea in 1998.  Two earlier East Asian conferences held before EARCOME were the ICMI-China Regional Conferences on Mathematics Education, Beijing (1991) and Shanghai (1994).  The SEACME series has a longer history and the conferences are held triennially, in Manila (1978), Kuala Lumpur (1981), Haad Yai (1984), Singapore (1987), Brunei (1990), Surabaya (1993), Hanoi (1996) and Manila (1999).

Singapore is a small nation situated at one of the most important crossroads of the world.  It is a country where modern facilities and a fast pace of life combine with traditional values of the ancient civilizations of our forebears.  Singapore was put on the world map of Mathematics Education with her students' performance in the Third International Mathematics and Science Study.  While proud of our students' achievement, Singapore educators realize that there is much to learn from the international community of Mathematics Educators.  It is our belief that our teachers and educators will truly benefit from this conference which will bring to our shores mathematics educators who will share their expertise and discuss the many issues in mathematics education.  We invite you to be a part of this exchange of ideas and look forward to your participation in ICMI-EARCOME 2002 & SEACME 9.

Contact persons
Chair, International Programme Committee:  LIM, Suat Khoh (Assoc Prof)
Chair, Local Organising Committee:  NG, Swee Fong (Asst Prof)
Contact Address:
                EARCOME 2002
                Division of Mathematics
                National Institute of Education
                469 Bukit Timah Road
                Singapore 259756
                Republic of Singapore