The International Commission on Mathematical Instruction
Bulletin No. 47 
December 1999


Spain Launches her First National

Sub-Commission of ICMI


We should begin recalling, with gratitude, the enthusiasm and dedication to ICMI of some outstanding Spanish personalities such as Miguel de Guzmán, the previous ICMI Executive Committee President, or Claudi Alsina, our National ICMI Representative.

But mathematics and mathematics education in Spain is now ripe enough to demand the establishment of our first national sub-commission of ICMI.  Thanks to the efforts of the Spanish IMU representative, Jose Luis Fernandez, a Spanish Sub-Commission of ICMI has finally been launched.  It includes three representatives of the Spanish Federation of Mathematics Teachers Associations (FESPM), plus one member from each of the following societies:  the Royal Mathematical Society of Spain (RSME), the Catalan Society of Mathematics (SCM), the Spanish Society for Applied Mathematics (SEMA), the Spanish Society for Research on Mathematics Education (SEIEM), the Society for Statistics and Operational Research (SEIO), and one representative from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Past October 15, 1999, the Commission elected a Chairperson, in the person of María Jesús Luelmo (, President of the FESPM. The Secretary of the Commission, also elected at the same meeting, is Tomás Recio (, from the Mathematics Education Commission of the RSME.
The official address of the Spanish Sub-Commission will be that of the Secretary, namely,
                Prof. Tomás Recio
                Secretaría de la Comisión Española del ICMI
                Departamento de Matemáticas , Facultad de Ciencias
                Universidad de Cantabria
                39071 Santander, SPAIN

Our URL (in Spanish) contains some links to ICMI, ICME9, etc. and further information about the Spanish Sub-Commission (including some pictures of its members!).