The International Commission on Mathematical Instruction
Bulletin No. 47 
December 1999


Procedures for the Election of the Executive Committee of IMU  (1999)

  1. Not less than a year before the meeting of the GA, the EC shall request proposals for the membership of the EC from the National Committees for Mathematics, to be considered before the spring EC meeting prior to the Assembly. The candidate's CV and a brief description of activities should accompany the suggestions, as should assurance of the candidate's willingness to serve if elected.
  2. The EC shall then form its own slate. The slate should be mailed to the National Committees at least four months before the GA, together with background on the candidates, their fields and countries/geographic areas.
  3. After the slate drawn by the EC is known, the National Committees can make further proposals of names specifically for the offices of President, Secretary, Vice-President, and Members-at-Large. These proposals shall reach the Secretary not less than two months before the GA. The same information as in (1) and (2) concerning the nominees, including their willingness to serve if elected, should be provided.
  4. The Secretary will send National Committees a list of all names proposed, as well as candidates' CV's, before the GA. The National Committees are asked to cooperate in having their delegates to the GA fully informed.
  5. On the first day of the meeting, the General Assembly shall appoint a Nominating Committee (NC) consisting of:
    1. the Presihdent of IMU (chairman),
    2. all Past Presidents who are present (ex-officio),
    3. eight further delegates.
    Election to (c) shall be from names either proposed by the President or proposed and seconded from the floor, and shall be by show of hands unless the meeting decides otherwise.
  6. The NC shall propose a slate drawn from the slate of the EC and the names in (1) and (3) and shall make it known to the meeting. No person shall be a candidate for more than one office.
  7. Further nominations can be made from the floor after the slate of the NC has been declared, provided that they are drawn from names previously offered by the National Committees as in items (1) and (3) , signed by at least ten delegates, and convey the same information as in (2) and (3) above.
  8. The General Assembly shall then elect the new President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Members-at-Large by written ballots from the EC and NC slates as well as the list of nominations from the floor (unless a candidate withdraws), but no others. A vote shall be invalid if more names are marked in any category than the number of places to be filled (i.e., one each for President and Secretary, two for Vice-Presidents and five for Members-at-Large).
    A candidate for President or Secretary may be elected only if unopposed or if he or she obtains a majority of the votes cast. If the first ballot is indecisive, there shall be a second ballot. In the ballots for the Vice-Presidents and Members-at-Large, the two or five candidates respectively who obtain the largest numbers of votes shall be elected. In the event of a tie, the President shall decide.

Note:  Statute (9) provides (inter alia) that: "each delegation shall be free to cast the votes to which it is entitled either as a unit or divided in such a manner as it may determine."