The International Commission on Mathematical Instruction
Bulletin No. 47 
December 1999


Future Conferences

Second Mediterranean Conference on Mathematics Education, January 2000

The 2nd Mediterranean Conference on Mathematics Education will be held in Nicosia, Cyprus, on January 7-9, 2000.  The conference will consist of several sessions covering multiple themes under the general topic of Mathematics Education.  Parallel to the conference there will be a Mathematics Festival with activities for students, including a mini Mathematics Olympiad.  Official languages of the Conference are Greek and English.
Information can be found at the web page

or by contacting

Mathematics 2000 Festival, January 2000

The Mathematics 2000 Festival is an Australian contribution to World Mathematical Year 2000.  An initiative of ASICMI, the Australian Sub-Committee of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction, with the support of many mathematics-related associations, it will be held 10-13 January 2000 at the University of Melbourne.  It aims to celebrate the role and importance of mathematics in society at this significant time. Sessions will portray the fascination of mathematics, outline important trends in mathematics and its uses now and for the future, increase awareness of careers involving mathematics and provide teachers at all levels with a range of up-to-date applications to enrich their teaching during World Mathematical Year.  Keynote speakers include Professor Sir Roger Penrose, author of The Emperor's New Mind, creator of the famous Penrose tilings and joint winner with Stephen Hawking of the Wolf Prize for Physics.

The Festival caters for primary, secondary and tertiary teachers, a wide spectrum of professional users of mathematics and statistics, students and interested members of the public.  Sessions will also be offered for students from Year 10 and above.  Themes of presentations include "Applications of mathematics in the modern world" (e.g. sport, finance, music, computers, engineering; etc), "Teaching mathematics in the twenty-first century", "Mathematical magic, amusements, puzzles, challenges and advances" or "Where is mathematics going in the twenty-first century?".  A Mathematics Trail and Festival sessions will feature spaces and structures of mathematical interest in the City of Melbourne.  You are invited to present a paper on one of the Festival themes.  The conference proceedings will contain two sections, one of which is for refereed papers.  Requirements for submitting papers are detailed on the Festival website.
For further information, please visit the Festival website:

or contact
Terry Beeby
Department of Science and Mathematics Education
University of Melbourne
Parkville VICTORIA 3052 Australia
International Conference on Mathematics Education, May 2000

An International Conference on Mathematics Education will be held in Hangzhou, China, from May 10-14, 2000, on the theme "Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice K-12 through International Collaboration", in sequel to a first conference co-sponsored by California State University San Marcos and Hangzhou Teachers College which attracted in Hangzhou in 1997 nearly 70 professors and researchers of mathematics education from different parts of the world.  This first conference allowed to recognize the personal growth that can occur when a small group of mathematics educators from different parts of the world are provided an opportunity to share, deeply discuss, and ask questions of one other.  However, clearly missing from this first conference was the expertise that only practicing classroom teachers and administrators could bring to the discussion.  Therefore, it was decided that a second conference would be designed to promote collaboration among university professors, researchers, classroom teachers, policy makers, and administrators in the field of mathematics education K-12.

Among the topics for discussion are the teaching and learning of mathematics in grades K-12, professional pre- and in-service education of mathematics teachers, students' mathematical thinking, curriculum issues, approaches to improving classroom teaching of mathematics, as well as specific issues and concerns relevant to each country represented.  English is the official language of the conference.  Pre-registration and proposals for presentations are due by March 10, 2000.  Information can be obtained by contacting
Tom Bennett
or by visiting the website

Technology-Supported Mathematics Teaching, July 2000

This conference is the sixth in a series of conferences on technology-supported mathematics education initiated by the Austrian Center for Didactics of Computer Algebra.  Previous symposia were held in Krems (Austria) 1992, Krems 1993, Honolulu (USA) 1995, Särö (Sweden) 1997, and Gösing (Austria) 1999.  This conference is co-organized by ACDCA and the Faculty of Education of the University of Maribor, Slovenia and will be held from July 2-5, 2000, in Portoroz, Slovenia.

Using computer algebra systems, dynamical geometry software, or graphing calculators for teaching 12-18 year old students is going to change the teaching methods, the contents of what we teach, what we consider basic skills, what abilities students have to obtain, and, last but not least, the exams.  The goal of this conference is thus to bring together experts in mathematics education (both researchers and teachers) in order to enrich and enhance mathematics education by sharing and articulating experiences, interpretations, and perspectives from differing research and teaching viewpoints.
More information can be obtained from the Conference Co-chairs:
Vlasta Kokol-Voljc
Ptuj, Slovenia
Bernhard Kutzler
Leonding, Austria
or by visiting the website

Alhambra 2000, July 2000

Organized as a satellite activity of the 3rd European Congress of Mathematicians (see below), this joint Mathematical European-Arabic Conference will be held in Granada, Spain, on July 3-7, 2000, and offers an opportunity of a meeting between mathematicians from every European-Arabic culture. Among the themes of the meeting is the History of European and Arabic Mathematics and Mathematicians, which will deal with historical perspectives on contributions of both cultures to the present mathematical knowledge, and also will discuss the state of the more relevant mathematical concepts over the centuries and the way they have evolved.  Another tentative theme is Public Mathematics.  Deadline for the reception of abstracts is March 15th and deadline for registration is June 2nd.
For information, contact Ceferino Ruiz (Universidad de Granada) at or visit the website

cem 2000, July 2000

Organized as a satellite activity of the 3rd European Congress of Mathematicians (see below), the Congrés d'Educació Matemàtica (cem 2000), I Jornades d'Educació a Catalunya, will be held in Mataró, Spain, on July 3-5 or 5-7, 2000.  This meeting is organized by the Federació d'Entitats per a l'Ensenyament de les Matemàtiques (FEEMCAT).  More information can be obtained from:

Xavier Vilella (FEEMCAT)
International Conference on Technology in Mathematics Education, July 2000

An International Conference on Technology in Mathematics Education will take place at the Lebanese American University, in Beirut, Lebanon, from July 5-7, 2000.  This conference aims at providing a forum for educators, researchers and developers to share their experiences on the use of technology at the university level as well as the secondary school.   It is hoped that this conference will provide a forum for in-depth treatment, as well as informal exchange that will promote the creative use of technology in Lebanon as well as the neighboring Arab countries.  This conference is also the occasion for a dialogue between practitioners and researchers in the developed nations and the developing countries.  Part of the program will be devoted to Focus Groups work on the topics: role of the teacher, role of the learner, assessment.  There will also be workshops on calculators in high school mathematics and symbolic mathematical systems in calculus.
Further information can be obtained from the Chair of the Program Committee:

May Abboud

or from co-Chair:

Adrian Oldknow
The conference Secretary is
Dr. Samer Habre
Lebanese American University
P.O. Box: 13 - 5058
Beirut - Lebanon
Further details are available on the site


Third European Congress of Mathematics, July 2000

The Third European Congress of Mathematics (3ecm) will be held in Barcelona, Spain, 10-14 July, 2000.  Information can be obtained by contacting the congress Secretariat at the address
Societat Catalana de Matemàtiques
Institut d'Estudis Catalans
Carrer del Carme, 47
E-08001   Barcelona, SPAIN
fax: +34 93 270 11 80
or by visiting the websites   or

Fourth International DERIVE / TI-92 / TI-89 Conference, July 2000

The 4th International DERIVE / TI-92 / TI-89 Conference, "Computer Algebra in Mathematics Education", will be held July 12-15, 2000 in Liverpool, UK.  Information can be obtained from
Terence Etchells
or at the site

EM 2000, July 2000

On the occasion of the World Mathematical Year 2000, the French Sub-commission for ICMI (Commission française pour l'enseignement des mathématiques) announces the symposium EM 2000 (Espace Mathématique 2000) to be held in Grenoble (France) from July 15 to 17, 2000, on the theme L'enseignement des mathématiques dans les pays francophones au XXe siècle et ses perspectives pour le début du XXIe siècle.  This meeting has been recognized as an ICMI Regional Conference.  Participation is especially solicited from all francophone countries and countries where French is related, at least partially, to mathematics education.

An international program committee has identified ten sub-themes for the conference, dealing among others with issues such as pedagogical methods, assessment, evolution of curricula in the 20th century, integration of young teachers in the school reality, mathematical games and competitions, the relationship between mathematics and informatics, mathematics and others disciplines or mathematics as a lifelong cultural element.
Further information can be obtained on the website

or by contacting the Chair of the program committee,
Pierre Jullien
e-mail: pjullien@newsup.univ?
Written material should be sent to
EM 2000
30 avenue Marcelin Berthelot
38100 Grenoble,  France
PME-24, July 2000

The 24th Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (PME) will be held 23 - 27 July, 2000, in Hiroshima, Japan.  The Chair of the Program Committee is Tadao Nakahara, Hiroshima University.  More information about this conference can be obtained on the Internet home page of the conference

or from the Conference Secretary:
Masataka Koyama
Department of Mathematics Education
Faculty of Education, Hiroshima University
1-1-2, Kagamiyama
Higashi-Hiroshima  739-8523  Japan
Tel: +81-824 24 6805
Fax: +91 824 22 7076

ICME-9, July-August 2000

The 9th International Congress on Mathematical Education, ICME-9, is going to be held 31 July - 6 August 2000, at the Nippon Convention Center, Makuhari, and at the Chiba Institute of Technology.  These sites are located between the center of Tokyo and Tokyo International Airport (Narita).  See the reminder appearing on page 1 of this Bulletin.  Further information can be found on the website

HPM 2000, August 2000

A meeting of the International Study Group on the Relations between History and Pedagogy of Mathematics will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, from August 9-14, 2000, on the theme "History in Mathematics Education: Challenges for a new millennium".  This satellite conference of ICME-9 is organized by the Department of Mathematics at National Taiwan Normal University, with funding from the National Science Council (NSC) and others.  The main purpose of this conference is to create a forum entirely for those concerned about the issues of relating history and pedagogy of mathematics.  During the meeting, participants will be encouraged to explore and elaborate just how history of mathematics could be integrated in the three key components of mathematics education - teaching, learning, and curriculum - as well as in the education and training of teachers themselves.  Some 300 delegates are expected, including 150 international and 150 local participants: historians, mathematicians, and mathematics educators as well as teachers around the island.
More information can be obtained from the chair of the Local Organizing Committee,
Wann-Sheng Horng
Department of Mathematics
National Taiwan Normal University
88, Sec. 4, Ting Chou Road
Taipei, TAIWAN 117
Tel: 886-2-29312611
Fax: 886-2-29333342
or by visiting the website


All-Russian Conference on Mathematical Education, September 2000

The All-Russian Conference on Mathematical Education "Mathematics and Society. Mathematical Education at the Frontier of Centuries" will be held in Dubna (Moscow region), Russia, from September 18 to September 23, 2000.  This conference has been officially recognized as an ICMI Regional Conference.

The Conference will deal with the major problems of mathematical education in Russia, pertaining both to secondary schools and to institutions of higher learning.  The objectives are to acquire an adequate understanding of the current state of mathematical education in Russia and in the world, to elaborate general conceptual proposals for its development in the beginning of the next century.

The organizers of the Conference are the Russian Academy of Science, the Russian Academy of Education, Moscow State University, and other major scientific and educational institutions of Russia.  For further information contact
Dr. Ivan Yaschenko
Secretariat of the All-Russian Conference on Mathematical Education
Moscow Center for Continuous Math Education
B. Vlas'evskij 11,
121002, Moscow, Russia
fax:  +7 (095) 291-65-01
or consult on the web

Mathematics Education Into the 21st Century, November 2000

The Mathematics Education Into the 21st Century Project, in cooperation with the Third World Forum, a Consortium of Jordanian Public Universities and the National Center for Human Resource Development, Jordan, announces an international conference on the theme "Mathematics for Living" to be held in Jordan, November 18-22, 2000.  This conference is in sequel to another one organized in Egypt in November 1999.

This conference should attract teachers and researchers in Mathematics Education from around the world.  Papers (in English) are welcome that deal with all aspects of mathematics education and relate to innovative ways to help students and teachers deal with the problem of making mathematics more "alive", more "realistic" and more "accessible".  This could take the form of a paper on problem solving, the use of technology, new ways of assessment, ways of dealing with cultural differences, overcoming gender and social barriers, improving the curriculum, using the statistics of everyday life, effectively utilizing new paradigms in teaching and learning, etc.  The coordinator of the Local Organizing Committee is Dr. Hanan Innabi.

The Mathematics Education Into the 21st Century Project is coordinated by Dr. Alan Rogerson (Australia) and Professor Fayez Mina (Egypt).  For further information, contact
Dr. Alan Rogerson
Mathematics Education Into the 21st Century Project
22 Violet Grove
Hawthorn, Vic 3122, Australia
EARCOME 2002 - SEACME 9, June 2002

The second ICMI-EARCOME (East Asia Regional Conference on Mathematics Education) is to be held in Singapore in June 2002.  This conference, also designated as the Ninth Southeast Asian Conference on Mathematics Education or SEACME 9, has been officially recognized as an ICMI Regional Conference.  It will be hosted by the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and the Association of Mathematics Educators, Singapore.

EARCOME 2002 combines two conferences in two separate series of conferences in the East Asia region.  The First East Asian Regional Conference on Mathematics Education (EARCOME) was held in Korea in 1998.  Two earlier East Asian conferences held before EARCOME were the ICMI-China Regional Conferences on Mathematics Education, Beijing (1991) and Shanghai (1994).  The SEACME series has a longer history and the conferences are held triennially, in Manila (1978), Kuala Lumpur (1981), Haad Yai (1984), Singapore (1987), Brunei (1990), Surabaya (1993), Hanoi (1996) and Manila (1999).
Information can be obtained from
Division of Mathematics
National Institute of Education
469 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 259756
Republic of Singapore